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Corporate Crime

Corporate crime, which falls under the umbrella of white-collar crimes, generally encompasses crimes that are committed within the course of occupation or by a high-standing person.

These crimes are committed by companies or their agents against the public, creditors, investors, the environment, and competitors or similar. Corporate crimes are sometimes deliberate and sometimes occur as a result of neglect or recklessness. In either case, the penalties may be harsh.

If you or your company is under investigation by the Police, the Australian Taxation Offence (ATO), the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the NSW Department of Fair Trading, contact our criminal lawyers.

In this section of our website you can read more about the following offences;

Companies and Security Offences

The most common offences under this category are mismanagement offences, which usually results in liquidation of companies, meaning shareholders and creditors become the victims. This category also includes company structure impropriety, non-registration or non-disclosure of relevant details to authorities, irregularities in the raising of capital and non-adherence to company takeover procedures.


There are many offences under Commonwealth and state laws, which relate to the evasion of tax. Some of these include tax avoidance, non-disclosure, fraudulent claiming and obstruction of tax collection agencies.

Occupational Health and Safety

OH&S offences most commonly relate to unsafe work practices, such as inadequate fire or safety protection or precautions, withholding safety equipment from workers, failing to maintain safety standards and misuse of harmful substances within the workplace.

Environmental Offences

Environmental offences include noise pollution, waste dumping, and misuse of dangerous substances, emissions to air, land and water. Others include ignoring planning restrictions and breaches to zoning laws.

Consumer Affairs Offences

In this category include deceptive advertising, the manufacture or sale of defective or hazardous products, unlawful debt recovery, consumer fraud and violation of licensing restrictions.

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