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Fraud Offences NSW

The term fraud generally refers to the use of deception in order to gain financially or personally. In New South Wales, fraud related charges are primarily covered under the Crimes ACT 1900 (NSW).

The umbrella of fraud covers multiple offences, but usually involves the acts of lying and dishonesty to obtain an advantage, which does not always have to be a financial advantage (e.g., lying to prevent loss of a drivers licence). Also usually a factor of fraud is the presence of a victim, who is unaware of the dishonest behaviour (e.g., a person claiming to be psychic in order to obtain a payment from an unaware victim).Some fraud related offences are outlined below.

  • Blackmail
  • Corrupt Commissions or Rewards
  • Custody of False Instruments
  • Director Omitting Certain Entries
  • Directors Cheating or Defrauding
  • Directors Publishing False Statements
  • Directors Wilfully Destroying Books
  • Embezzlement
  • False Pretences
  • Fraudulent Misappropriation of Money
  • Fraudulent Personation - Identity Theft
  • Making a False Instrument
  • Making and/or Using False Instruments
  • Making or Possessing Implements for Making False Instruments
  • Obtaining Benefit by Deception
  • Obtaining Credit by Fraud
  • Obtaining Money by Deception
  • Obtaining Money by Misleading Statements
  • Using a False Instrument

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