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Learner Driver Drive Whilst Unaccompanied

A person must be at least sixteen years old to be able to qualify for a Learner Driver’s Permit. Learner drivers are allowed to drive as long as they are accompanied by a supervising unrestricted licensed driver.

Driving a motor vehicle without a qualified driver beside a learner will subject the latter to penalties. 

One of the penalties for this violation is disqualification from driving with the duration to be determined also by the court. There are certain speed limits that a learner driver must maintain along with other restrictions.

A learner must complete a specific number of hours for daylight and night driving before they are eligible to apply for a provisional license.

Penalties the court can impose

  • A maximum fine of $2,200.00
  • A maximum disqualification period of 12 months
  • A mandatory disqualification period of 3 months

Traffic offences are considered "Major Offences" under the law and thus attract heavy fines, periods of licence disqualification and possibly terms of imprisonment.

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